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Margaret Ingle Park

Cullman, AL

RULD renovated Margaret Ingle Park for the City of Cullman as one component of miles of proposed greenways.

     Alabama is the fifth most obese state according to the CDC. To address this, Renta ULD is working with the city of Cullman, Alabama on a vision of a walkable, connected city. RULD provides long range and master planning services, as well as site design and landscape architecture. Margaret Ingle Park and the Cullman Greenway showcase this variety of work that we do at RULD. Check out the Cullman Greenway book we developed to help realize Cullman’s vision.

     Cullman has pockets of beautiful parks and open spaces to be enjoyed by all, but these are not always easy to navigate. With safer routes to connect the parks and open spaces and the possibility of connecting them with schools, libraries, and other civic buildings, Cullman will create a walkable, connected city. The Cullman Greenway will improve quality of life and environmental sustainability and will helppromote industrial and economic growth. All of these will, attract more young families to Cullman to provide a workforce for business and industry.

     National Park and Recreation Association (NRPA) studies indicate that through the proper design and implementation of greenways, native habitats can be protected and enlarged, providing larger corridors for people and wildlife while serving as both a natural area for flood relief and an environmental classroom. The studies also show that greenways increase surrounding property values, tourism, and recreational spending as they provide a safe, inexpensive avenue for regular exercise.

     At Margaret Ingle Park, RULD worked with Cullman Parks and Recreation on the renovation of an existing 6-acre park to create an inclusive park and playground. Components of the park include accessible playground structures throughout the park; a butterfly garden; a splash pad; and a small amphitheater and stage. Margaret Ingle park is a trailhead to the greenway system, connecting miles of sidewalks, trails, and bike paths to the local senior center across Cleveland Avenue, the local aquatic center, and neighboring schools and other nearby parks within the system. Watch the Cullman Today video on the connected park.

RULD has expertise with playground design – learn more about our partner for the Margaret Ingle play equipment.

Read about the opening of the park with this interview by Parks and Rec Director Nathan Anderson.

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