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Leaf & Petal at the Summit

Mountain Brook, AL

This Leaf and Petal location maxmizes the relationships between the nursery and the restaurants. Grab a coffee and enjoy the flowers!

      Leaf and Petal is a garden shop and lifestyle brand offering home décor and nursery plants. For their third location, Leaf and Petal at the Summit, Renta Urban Land Design provided the master planning, rezoning application, and hardscape and landscape designs.


     Prior to 2016, the development site was zoned for residential and was occupied by six houses. The owner of Leaf and Petal, Jamie Pursell, sought a vision to create a ‘third place’ beyond work and home where community can gather. The concept combines the Leaf and Petal garden shop with a bagel shop and a Latin restaurant. Renta ULD planning and zoning services helped to get this site rezoned to commercial mixed use.


     Deloye Burell, a 30-year resident of Cahaba Heights and a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, which approved the rezoning request in September, said that he and the commission found the development plans to be consistent with the Cahaba Heights Master Plan. "This showed more concern for the area than anything we’d seen for a while," Burell said.


     Others echoed Burell's support of the project, including Abby Brady, who said she thinks it will set a positive example for future development. "This is definitely the type of development I would like to see going forward,” Brady said.


     RULD is excited about providing more of this type of meaningful work.

Read Jamie Pursell’s Q&A about the new location.


Leaf & Petal's Website | Instagram | Facebook

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