St. Rose Academy

Birmingham, AL

* work performed at previous company

This expansion of Saint Rose Academy also created new courtyard space for the entrance of the school.

     St. Rose Academy is a private, co-educational Catholic elementary school, located in the Diocese of Birmingham, under the Guidance of the Saint Cecilia Congregation. This school serves student from four year old kindergarten through eighth grade. We were commissioned to develop a 10-year master plan for growth and architecture design for the school. The Master Plan includes a new school building, a chapel, and Fine Arts Center. Also included is the renovation of the Mackin House (the existing school building) for administration and campus renovation to meet ADA requirements.


     The Master Planning components include a written program defining the spaces required for a new school building, conversion of the existing Mackin House for staff and administrative uses, exterior and interior renovations of the existing gym, addition of a new school building, addition of a new playground and outdoor education areas, and the reworking of the main vehicular circulation and landscaping throughout the campus. Total construction cost estimated to be $7 million.