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Eagle Wall

Vestavia Hills, AL

Tony Renta has been a Scoutmaster for years. Renta ULD shares a passion for serving communities, starting with the communities we're in.

     Renta Urban Land Design worked with the Greater Alabama Council of Boy Scouts of America on the original Charles T. Clayton Scout Service Center and Eagle Wall in 2003. The original monument wall is a granite construction, engraved with the name of each Eagle Scout in Alabama starting with the first in 1918.


     Scouting helps youth develop academic skills, self-confidence, ethics, leadership skills, and citizenship skills that influence their adult lives. The Eagle Scout rank is the highest rank a Scout can earn, and shows character, service, perseverance, discipline, motivation, leadership, accountability, and achievement. RULD believes in and supports these values with everything we do.


     In 2009, the wall ran out of room for newly inducted Eagle Scouts. When funding became available, the Greater Alabama Council hired RULD for master planning, grading and drainage, hardscape and structural design and landscape architecture services. Tony is an avid supporter of the Scouting community. He has served as pack leader for several years, while his son traveled up the ranks. The opportunity for RULD to do more work for the Boy Scouts was a natural fit.


     RULD completed the new master plan for the Eagle Plaza which included an updated, ADA accessible amphitheater and an addition to the monument wall with room to celebrate all scouts who earn Eagle Scout for generations to come. As with every site for the public, it is very important to RULD to make the entire site ADA accessible, which means older generations can visit the monument with their children and grandchildren. The site of the Eagle Wall addition has topographic and many other physical constraints, so ADA compliance was a challenging but rewarding endeavor.


     The new master plan also had to tie into the existing site's plant palette, construction materials, and structural details. RULD creates carefully designed spaces which enhance the existing character of communities and spaces.


     Read more about the Greater Alabama Council of Boy Scouts of America | Facebook

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