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Lost and Found in Translation

As designers, we often find ourselves in a position that can be likened to that of a translator. Clients have a vision for their project, and we are tasked with taking that vision and transforming it into reality. Sometimes the vision is stuck in our client’s head… and that’s where we as translators come into the picture. The knowledge, skill set, and experience we bring to the table enables us to understand the big picture of a project before the first idea is drawn on the page. In translating a client’s vision for a project, much collaboration is called for, across all the team members and other allied professionals.

At RLA our practice is dedicated to working collaboratively to realize our client’s goals. We share our thoughts, work, and vision through the design process and look forward to the enlightening conversations and collaborations we have with our clients.

What sets RLA apart:

  • Knack for understanding a client’s vision before it is on paper

  • Focus on solutions

  • Contextual understanding of the project’s surroundings

  • Knowledge of the built environment

  • Ability to see a project from 30,000 feet above - but also dive into the minute details

  • Beginning to end: critical site analysis and assessment

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