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Speaking "Architecture"

As landscape architects it is our job to communicate our client’s vision in multiple ways to multiple audiences. Because of this we have to take a step back and review our plans and drawings to ensure that the client’s intent is being expressed correctly to everyone who comes into contact with them. A question I constantly ask our team is “Can the client understand our plans without us there to explain them?” If the answer is no then we failed. If we produce a plan, section, 3-d model, or even a sketch that does not have the correct amount of information to convey what is needed, and if at the same time is not legible, then what good are the drawings? At RLA we work hard to understand the audience who will be receiving and reviewing our work. A city’s planning department or architecture firm we are working with might understand the drawings in their entirety, but we have to remember that in many cases our work becomes available for public review and sometimes public comment - so we need to ensure there is a clear direction and intent in everything that leaves our office…because in the end, not everyone speaks “architecture”.

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