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Working with Allied Professionals

As much as any designer wants to believe so - we do not know it all. Landscape architects are educated, trained, and re-trained on a daily basis about all parts of design and construction. This ranges from understanding plants, soils, hydrology and its movement and storage, structural components in walls and buildings, grading and drainage of the earth, wind and sun and its effect on a site, and other natural elements that one could expect in the natural and built environment. But there is more we must know. Our firm works a great deal with commercial and retail developers, and there are aspects of the project’s scope we must understand ranging from financing, permitting, leasing, zoning, and vertical construction. We work hard to educate ourselves on the concepts of why others we work with make the decisions they do because it helps us understand our role that much better. By learning from other allied professionals it makes us more knowledgeable for the next project, where we might find ourselves educating the client on what we have learned in the past.

To quote author Bob Rotella: “Golf is not a game of perfect.” The same could be said about designers. To be a good landscape architect you must practice your craft everyday…that is why we proudly announce that We Practice Landscape Architecture.

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